Although Digipix itself is a relatively new company, we have been producing content for cinema and television since 2003. Digipix has now firmly established itself in the marketplace as a leader in digital cinema production. With our own proprietary software, we are one of the only companies in Australia able to provide content to the new DCI compliant cinema 2K & 4K projectors.

We can also provide stereoscopic (3D) content to these projectors. We are currently providing commercials to over 350 cinema screens around Australia, including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the ACT and the Northern Territory. We also produce television commercials, in store screen advertising and print media.


Our Work


Digipix Cinema Commercials

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Digipix has been producing stereoscopic content for cinema and television since 2008. We are proud of the fact that we were the first company ever to put locally produced 3D stereoscopic content on cinema screens in Australia, and one of the first companies in the world to produce 3D cinema advertising.

Since then we have produced 3D content both nationally and internationally and we are still recognised as one of the leaders in stereoscopic 3D production. So if you are after a 3D ad to promote your cinema, or a 3D advertisement for one of your clients, give us a call, and we will have something on screen for you in no time!


About Us


Digipix is located in Perth, Western Australia, the most isolated city in the world! However our isolation is not a limitation. In fact, it’s because of our isolation that we have been motivated to install high speed servers for our clients. With these servers, we can deliver and receive content anywhere in the world using an internet connection. Clients that are out of the reach of a

camera team or production unit can simply upload or email their content to us, bringing inexpensive television and cinema production to remote and regional areas. The finished hi-resolution commercial can then be downloaded or sent directly to television stations for broadcast. We also handle all CAD approvals directly with Free TV Australia.


Our Clients


We have been using members of the Digipix team for many years now. Their professional polished product has not only impressed our clients, but has enabled us to expand our company to an unprecedented level.

We rely on them very heavily for a prompt and efficient turn-around of jobs, and they have never let us down. We look forward to a long and promising future with them.


Wes Stansfield
Managing Director, CINEads Pty Ltd



Cinevation has been contracting out the production of digital cinema advertising for our clients to Digipix since their inception and, for some time previous to this, employed the services of the now core members of Digipix. Over this time we have found Digipix to operate with the upmost professionalism and we have been

nothing short of extremely impressed with the quality of product they have supplied us. As a result of their work we have received much positive feedback from our clients, and our subsequent reputation has seen us grow rapidly since our establishment.


David Krynauw
Managing Director, Cinevation Pty Ltd


Contact Us


Steve Quartly

Digipix Managing Director
1280 Stevens St
Mundaring Western Australia 6073
P: +61 8 9295 6448
E: admin at digipix dot net dot au